Editor of Clippings, the newsletter of the Potomac Bonsai Association!

My continual work with the Potomac Bonsai Association (PBA) has landed me in the position of editor of the newsletter, Clippings. In addition to my general duties as their web master I have been working on a gradual redesign of the quarterly newsletter over the past few editions which will bring it up to date with current standards.

The greatest challenge for publishing Clippings over the past several years has been getting content. The publication relies on contributions from PBA members in bonsai organizations from Baltimore MD to Norfolk VA, including several clubs and societies around the Washington D.C. area. My task has been to energize certain members of these organizations to share articles and newsworthy stories. I have also reached out to bonsai professionals and bloggers nation-wide to get their permission to republish content, or have them donate specialized content to the PBA publication.

From a design standpoint the publication has been reworked three times during 2013. The Spring edition was basically a cleaned up version of the design that has been used for the past several years. The layout was created using InDesign CS4 as opposed to Publisher and other such programs that were used in the past. The Summer edition took the publication to higher level with a more magazine style layout. The Autumn edition created with InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) will complete the magazine style transition which will carry Clippings into 2014.

Clippings has also evolved into a digital only publication over the past several years. With the use of InDesign CS4, and now Creative Cloud, I have made Clippings easier to consume on standard computer and tablet screens. Other interactive enhancements such as standard navigation that allows readers access to content from the table of contents has been well received by Clippings readership.

Clippings has truly been one of my favorite projects in 2013 and I look forward to great times in 2014 as the editor, and designer!

Visit the PBA Archives page to see the latest issue of Clippings.